Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bangladesh: “6′7′ Was Initially for T.I."

So apparently the 6'7'' beat was originally intended for Clifford.
The Atlanta-based beat maker knew Weezy F. was the perfect match for the track when he made it this summer, but was hesitant to submit it to the Young Money boss since he’d yet to be paid royalties for producing 2008’s “A Milli.”
“Due to the situation and the circumstances of the Cash Money situation, I really wasn’t thinking about Wayne at that moment when I made it,” Bang told “I just knew that the beat was a big track and I couldn’t at the time think of nobody that could swag this out like that or was worthy enough of this beat really.
“I was actually sending the beat to Gee for T.I.,” he revealed. “I mean, not that I think T.I. would sound good on the beat, they were just looking for a single and somebody said, ‘man, send that to Gee, T.I. need something.’
“I already dealt with T.I., I know how T.I. is, I knew he wouldn’t really be rocking this beat right there, so I sent it anyway,” he added. “And Gee just hit back talking about Wayne, ‘man, Wayne’ll kill this, Wayne’ll kill this,’ so I had to really see if I wanted to do it or not, but they’ve been communicating, they’ve been reaching out.”


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